Dear residents,
I am pleased to confirm that the Lord Mayor of Leeds will be cutting the ribbon at our bridge re-opening, assisted by one representative from Linton and one from Collingham.
You are invited to join us for the ribbon cutting on Saturday 2nd September.
11:30am onwards – villagers invited to assemble either side of the bridge.
12noon – blockade temporarily removed for a congregation of villagers on both sides of the bridge to walk and meet in the middle where a ribbon will be in place. The ribbon will then be cut by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, assisted by representatives from both villages.
The highway will be reopen to traffic as soon as pedestrians have cleared the road.
Best wishes,
Cllr Ryan Stephenson
Conservative Councillor for Harewood
Leeds City Council

Shuttle bus selfie

Here’s a selfie taken by local resident Peter Mirczuk of the shuttle bus in action on Saturday afternoon, 23rd July. The bus is full and the passengers are all in good humour. Could this be because they were on the way to the beer festival at the Windmill Inn, I wonder?

Shuttle bus selfie

Linton evening shuttle bus

Message from Councillor Ryan Stephenson:-

Morning all,
Some welcome news at last….
Following our meeting with you at the Civic Hall, Cllr Robinson and I have been working with Officers to get the evening shuttle up and running as we envisaged in the meeting. You’ll recall that the desire was to extend the shuttle provision into the evening to support the movement of residents between Linton and Collingham.
It has now been confirmed that a half-hourly shuttle service has been funded between 7pm and 11pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. Linton Evening Shuttle Timetable can be downloaded/read here.
AAA Cars of Castleford will be providing the service with a 16-seater minibus. I am informed that Officers attempted to acquire a local firm but none were interested, nevertheless AAA Cars do already have contracts with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and I am told they are reliable.
Thank you for your help in bringing this evening shuttle about, we will need to make sure the shuttle is now well used.
Janet – perhaps a few posters in the pub might be useful so customers know to use the service. I’ll try get something in Piccolinos too.
Ashley, Diana – please can you circulate this info around your various contacts.
If you have any further questions you know where we are.