Temporary Footbridge

A meeting of Officers took place on Thursday 24th March with a view to agreeing funding for the temporary bridge. They resolved to investigate further stating the need for an evaluation of the business case to justify the temporary bridge to be made! Your Ward Councillors and MP are aware and will be applying their influence!!!

Should funding be agreed then the notes below will be of relevance.

  1. Temporary bridge must be assembled directly in line with the final position.
  2. It may be possible to reduce the length constructed on land. Already suggesting maximum to take is 60m. Consideration to be given to limiting this further to save trees.
  3. The temporary bridge to be located as close to the road bridge as possible to suit the rail bridge foundations. This gives greatest opportunity to save trees of merit. Most of the trees to come down will be on the Linton Road side of the footpath.
  4. The tree being used as a memorial will be saved.
  5. Tree survey was completed Tuesday (22nd March) and those trees which need to come down will be subsequently marked.
  6. There will be also trees to be removed on the Golf Club side (subject to their agreement).
  7. The foundation on the south side will be built close to the timber retaining feature. This is beyond the Dec 2016 flooded area. The bridge soffit is 1m higher than the flood level.
  8. It is likely to be a piled foundation with concrete beam across.
  9. The entrance to the car park will need fencing removing and additional hardstanding to allow large vehicles to access. This will all be reinstated on completion.
  10. The car park will be closed during construction works but parking will be available on Linton Road between the car park entrance and Linton Bridge.
  11. A strip suitable for pedestrians will be maintained on the Collingham Beck side of the car park to allow circular walks.
  12. After construction of the temporary bridge it will be possible to walk under the bridge on the Collingham side.
  13. The golf club are being supportive and are agreeing a route. They require indemnity against injury due to golf balls. Leeds are looking into this and are considering fencing and signing. Roger Brookes is helping with this.
  14. Cyclists will be asked to give way to pedestrians via appropriate signage.
  15. The bridge is a galvanised steel lattice structure with sides about 2m high. The sides will have mesh to stop falling through the lattice.
  16. Need EA approval. This should be a formality as outside the flood level. Jonathon Kenyon is the contact.
  17. Need planning approval. Discussions suggest again this should be a formality.
  18. Colas are the contractor employed already through the Leeds Framework agreement. This means construction can start immediately the design is signed off.

Download the council report: Linton Bridge update 24th Mar