Georgian society and 18th century York at the Linton Antique Society

Fairfax House

Fairfax House, York

The final talk in Linton Antique Society’s 2015/16 season explores life in Georgian York, which was the social centre for polite society in the North of England. York’s winter ‘season’ and its races provided an alternative to London’s attractions, especially in view of the dangers and discomforts of travelling 200 miles to the capital at that period. Julia Mander from Fairfax House, refurbished by John Carr to become the base of Viscount Fairfax for his family’s sojourns in York, will trace the story of the rise and fall of Georgian York on 14 April at 7.30pm at Linton Memorial Hall.

Entrance is free to Society members but non-members are also welcome: entrance is £5.00 on the door. Contact Mrs Barbara Hepburn on 01937 582243 to join, or download the form on the Society’s website

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