Parish Magazine Delivery Person Needed!!

With one of the volunteer delivery people moving away from the village, we are now looking for someone to help deliver the Parish Magazines in Linton.

We deliver at the beginning of each month, except August.

If you would like to help or know someone who might, please contact Katy Hitchins on 07825 237388

LVS and Parish Council meeting 16th February, 2017

LVS and Parish Council Meeting 16th February 2017 Village Hall

Arrive 7pm for 7.30pm start

AG Ashley Guise LVS

JH Julian Homes Parish Council

RS Councillor Ryan Stephenson

AM Angela Martin Parish Council


1. Opening remarks and introductions from LVS    AG

2. Objective of the meeting AG

3. What can be considered by planning officers when determining a planning       application – material matters Councillor Ryan Stephenson RS

4 Why has the application been submitted now JH

5 The issue with the neighbourhood plan JH

6 Next steps in the process RS

7 Open debate and any new insights

8 LVS and PC closing remarks AG and JH/ AM 



Local Flooding – a letter from Collingham with Linton Parish Council

The following communication has been sent out by Julian Holmes to residents of Collingham, and he has asked that this also be sent to Linton residents. This has been emailed to Linton residents using the Neighbourhood Plan email list – if you know of residents without email or who may not have provided their email to us please distribute the message to them.

I hope most of you already know that The Avenue Collingham has suffered a serious flooding episode. Around 12 houses have been inundated with in places several feet of water. All day yesterday and into the night residents have been evacuating belongings and with the help of a volunteer from Pontefract who had access to 4 pumps we have been slowly trying to remove water which is trapped inside the flood defence bund that was over topped.

This afternoon we finally got support from the Emergency Services and we have two fire tenders pumping at full blast. They will stay until the water has gone unless they are called away to attend a life threatening incident. We also have an agricultural pump which should be up and running now. As you can imagine the flooded properties will be in a terrible state. Environmental Services have arranged skips to take damaged belongings away from tomorrow. This really is a disaster for the families affected.

Also in the same vicinity Linton Bridge has had to be closed. Engineering assessment has started today. There appears to be downward movement in the southern bridge abutment (the structure that holds up the bridge where it meets the road embankment). This is unusual as things normally fail in rotation, i.e. by twisting in some plane. We think the bridge is still moving, and regular surveys will confirm whether this is the case. We can only hypothesise at this time as to the cause and further investigation will include divers when it is considered safe to enter the water. 

The Bridge is not safe to cross even on foot. Please respect the warning tape and do not attempt to cross it. The gas, water and electricity services to Linton all cross the bridge also and are presumably under a great deal of distress.

The bridge will be closed for many months. It may be opened up to pedestrians if deemed safe to do so at some point. This is obviously a great inconvenience to us all but at least nobody has been hurt.

Please feel free to share this information with others around the villages.

Best regards

Julian Holmes

Chair of Collingham with Linton Parish Council

Parish Council vacancy for a Linton Councillor

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If you can answer yes to all these questions then why not join the Parish Council?

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