Public hearing

Ridge Meadows Planning Appeal

Notes from Final Submissions

The main points covered in the lengthy summing up documents are itemised below.

Note latest update is the decision is likely to be at the end of 2018, however Linton Village Society will keep you updated


Ashley Guise


Kebbell’s stance

Leeds City Council’s stance

Spatial Policy and Core Strategy

No up to date Plan, no Site Allocations Plan, 600 houses have to be built in villages.

Weight should be given to Core Strategy, proposals. This application is contrary to overall aims.

Safeguarded land

Policy N34 from the UDP has expired in 2016 therefore site should be developed.

N34 not time constrained.


Flexibility has to be applied to standards – this is a rural setting. There are no potential sites in Linton that meet the standards.

Deficiencies in footways etc go way beyond what could be considered as applying a flexible approach. This is the least sustainable safe guarded site in Leeds.

Affordable Housing

Leeds delivery is a disaster. This is the only possible site in Linton for delivering affordable housing.

For last three years Leeds has been reducing the back log. Leeds is performing exceptionally well at a national level.

Linton Neighbourhood Plan

This is exactly what the Government does not want from Neighbourhood Plans.

The proposals are contrary to the Policies of the Neighbourhood Plan being more than 10 dwellings and outside the built area.

5 year land supply

Leeds cannot demonstrate a 5 year land supply. We think 1.5 years less than Leeds (2.88 years)

Calculation is very robust at 4.38 years.

Policies are promoting development in inner city. 30,000 dwellings from brown field register will shortly be given planning permission. Under supply is short lived.


New footway will be provided from the Memorial Hall to the footpath that leads across the Golf Course. New bus stop in the vicinity of the Memorial Hall. New surfacing to Stammergate Lane

Thanks very much – these requirements confirm the site is unsustainable as it stands – plans should have been included at the outset – these needs are clear in the Neighbourhood Plan.