LCC refuses the Ridge Meadows plans

Good News!

LVS and several Linton residents were present at the Plans Panel on 21st December to hear Leeds City Council’s reasons for refusal of The Ridge Meadows plans.

There was a unanimous vote from Councillors to defend Leeds City Council’s refusal at a Public Enquiry to be held later this year (we believe the Public Enquiry may be held around May time).

The latest, duplicate, planning application lodged by Kebbell is being held in abeyance and will be subject to the same reasons for refusal.

The 4 main reasons Leeds City Council have cited in the refusal are:

  1. It is contrary to Leeds’ development strategy of locating new developments within Urban areas and Major Settlements. Linton village is not considered suitable for development of any scale.

  2. The location of the development is an unsustainable, remote location and does not meet Leeds City Council’s accessibility standards as there are no local services such as schools, shops, health care etc.

  3. The land itself is safeguarded as “Protected Area of Search” which means it cannot be developed on before 2028.

  4. The plans are considered to be “premature” to the Site Allocations Process which is has already begun.

For the full Council report with all the technical details for the refusal, click here

Once again, thank you all for your support in fighting this unwanted development, the way the village has come together over this issue has certainly impressed Leeds City Council and let them know that their decision to refuse is being very well received and supported.

LVS will continue to work closely with Leeds City Council in the coming months to prepare fully for the Public Enquiry.

Linton Neighbourhood Plan

The Kebbell Homes vs Leeds City Council appeal hearing at the Supreme court in London took place on 29th and 30th November.

We expect a decision from the Supreme Court in the next few weeks and will update you as soon as the court’s decision is known.


Linton Village Society