LNP Landowners’ Meetings

In early November 2012 meetings were held with a number of the landowners and developers who have expressed an interest in developing housing in Linton.  A presentation of the outcomes of these meetings was made to the Steering Group on 6th December 2012.  This page contains links to the presentation made at the Steering Group meeting and minutes of the meetings held with the landowners.

The text and PowerPoint presentation made to the Steering Group Meeting held on  6th December 2012.

Since the meeting of the Steering Group held on  6th December 2012 an additional meeting has been held with John Duffy, one of the owners of PSA Site 9 (SHLAA Number 1309).  The text of the presentation has been updated to reflect this meeting.  This updated report will be presented to the next meeting of the Steering group. The list of minutes of the meetings (shown below) has also been updated.

Minutes of the meetings held with landowners:

PSA No. SHLAA No. Description
1 & 2 70 & 787 Linton Spring – existing buildings etc
3 1121 Trip Lane adjacent to last house on South side.
4 3448 Trip lane adjacent to Site 3
5 1152 Northgate Lane
6 & 7 1300 & 1301 Land on Linton Lane & existing club house & car park (WGC)
8 2136 Land off The Ridge
9 1309 Land off Linton Lane (King)
9 1309 Land off Linton Lane (Duffy)
10 N/A Land behind The Memorial Hall