Linton Neighbourhood Plan – Village Survey

As part of the preparation for producing the Linton Neighbourhood Plan the Drafting Committee designed a survey for the adult residents of the village.  A draft of the survey was discussed at  the Steering Group Meeting of 9th August 2012. The Steering Group made a number of suggestions and recommendations for improving the survey, including the production of a supplementary survey for residents under 18.

The two surveys (Adult and Under 18) were produced and issued to all households and businesses within the village.  The residents of the hamlet at Woodhall were included as their only route in and out is through Linton. The surveys were distributed on paper with stamped addressed return envelopes.  They were issued in early September with a return date of 5th October 2012.  A reminder flyer was later distributed and the return date was extended to 12th October 2012.

Following the return of the surveys the responses were analysed and presented to the Steering Group meeting of 1st November 2012, the minutes of this meeting can be found here.

The PowerPoint presentation used in the meeting has been saved as handouts and can be found here.

The printout (pdf) of the results shown at the meeting can be found here and the  comments made by respondents have been collated within the document here.

The Under 18’s survey results can be found here and the comments they made are here.

For further information please contact Jill Bolton (details here).