Linton Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Background documents

The basic foundations for the Linton Neighbourhood Plan (LNP) were laid by the creation of the following documents:

  1. The Collingham With Linton Parish Plan (December 2007 – 8.5MB);
  2. The Parish of Collingham with Linton Village Design Statement (May 2010 – 101.2MB);
  3. The Linton Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (February 2010 – 4.7MB).

These documents are contemporary; documents b and c have been adopted by Leeds City Council as ‘material considerations’ in respect of all development proposals.

LNP Public Documents

The LNP documents referenced on this page are currently available for review. It should be noted that to assist in the smooth generation of the LNP all documents are subject to update at any time. Updates to the major documents will always be notified by updates to the facebook site and this website.

Key LNP Documents

The following documents are considered “key” to production of the LNP and should be read by all taking part in development of the plan. It is likely that many of these documents will undergo change as the LNP is developed.

  1. The initial letter (25 May 2012) from the LVS to village can be found here. This outlines the stages in the decision making to define a Neighbourhood Plan, identifies some key groups in plan production and suggests dates for initial Neighbourhood planning meetings.
  2. The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Linton Neighbourhood Plan are available here.
  3. The Guiding Principles to be used in generation of the Linton Neighbourhood Plan can be found here.
  4. The LNPDC Communications Strategy can be found here.
  5. The Communications, Consultations and Actions Log can be found here.
  6. As part of the ongoing work in drafting the Neighbourhood Plan a Vision Statement, incorporating the Guiding Principles and Objectives to 2028 has been produced and approved at the Steering Group meeting of 25th March 2014.

Provisional Site Assessment

At the request of Leeds City Council a Provisional Site Assessment (PSA) has been undertaken.  The PSA was approved by the Steering group on September 27 2012.  The linked document contains the letter sent to Leeds City Council, the PSA and a map illustrating the sites encompassed by the assessment. (October 13 2012).

Highways Assessment

On behalf of the Steering Group the Drafting Committee commissioned a Highways Assessment.  At the meeting of the Steering Group held on 6th December 2012 a brief presentation of the key results and conclusions was made.

Village Priorities

At the Steering Group Meeting of 17th April 2013 a Draft list of Village Priorities was presented for discussion.  This list was constructed with reference to the Background Documents (listed at the top of this page);  the areas to be Protected, areas for Improvement and Assets of community value (PIA see lower down this page) and the responses to the Village Survey which was performed in Autumn 2012.  The background to the survey, how it was constructed, who was involved in designing the survey and the survey itself (along with results) can be found here.

The list of Village Priorities as approved by the Steering Group Meeting held on 16th May 2013 can be found here.

The updated list approved at the Steering Group meeting of 25th March 2014 can be found here.

Other LNP Documents

The following documents are considered supporting. We recommend that all stakeholders read all LNP published documents.

  1. Basic operating principles of the LNP groups is defined here.
  2. A subgroup of the Steering Group has examined a number of areas in and around the village.  This evaluation has resulted in a document describing areas to be Protected, areas for Improvement and Assets of community value (PIA).  The document can be found here.
  3. A Google map of the SHLAA sites (August 3rd 2012, updated October 9 2012).
  4. A Google map of the PIA sites (August 9th 2012).

Leaflets & Newsletters

The following publications have been issued:

  1. Leaflet – Your village needs you
  2. Newsletter – August 2012
  3. Mailshot from the web site: Linton Village Website updates – December 2012 (30th December 2012)
  4. Mailshot from the web site: Linton Neighbourhood Plan – January updates (19th January 2013)
  5. Mailshot from the web site: Linton Neighbourhood Plan – Urgent Notice (3rd March 2013)
  6. The June 2013 Newsletter, the Background Information Document to which the newsletter refers and a copy of the Questionnaire.


The following advertisements have been placed:

  1. Invitation to Land Owners in Linton, placed in the Wetherby News on Thursday 5th July 2012.

 Resources Relating to Neighbourhood Planning

The following documents are not produced by the Linton Neighbourhood Plan related committee groups however they do provide useful background to Neighbourhood Planning.

  1. The Localism Bill and resulting Localism Act is outlined at this link.
  2. A ‘Plain English’ guide to the Localism Act can be found here.