Overview of Neighbourhood Planning in Linton

Overview of Neighbourhood Planning in Linton

The Linton Village Society called a meeting of village residents on 17th April 2012 to determine if the residents of Linton wished to generate a Neighbourhood Plan in response to the Governments Localism Act. A show of hands at that meeting indicated overwhelming support for Linton  to generate it’s own ‘Linton Neighbourhood Plan’ (LNP).

This website (http://www.lintonvillage.org/neighbourhood-plan) and the LNP facebook site (http://www.facebook.com/LintonNeighbourhoodPlan) are two of the tools that will be used to share information with and gain feedback from the various stakeholders that may be affected by the LNP.

A Google Drive storage area has been created and will be the prime source for document distribution. Key documents published by the LNP groups are stored in this area.

The Facebook site and this website will be updated with news, meeting events and links to documents both relevant to Neighbourhood Planning and generated by the various groups producing the Linton Neighbourhood Plan (LNP). The Facebook site is also a way for stakeholders to pass comment on the Neighbourhood Plan for Linton.

Linton Village Society (LVS) sent a letter to all Linton residents (via house to house letter drop and via email) on the 25th May 2012. This letter summarises progress so far, announces formation of the LNP Steering Group (LNPSG) also announcing the members of the LNP Drafting Committee (LNPDC) and notifying dates for future Steering Group meetings.