Industrialisation, landscape and art at the Linton Antique Society

19th century industrialisation changed the landscape of Britain and Europe for ever and with it, human life. On Thursday 8 November at 8.00pm at Linton Memorial Hall, heritage researcher Tom Ratcliffe looks at The Reconfiguration of The Industrial Landscape. He reveals how artists like Turner, Stanley Spencer and L S Lowry, among others, responded to these changes and how it led a romanticization of, and nostalgia for, a landscape irrevocably changed.

Entrance is £7 for non-members but why not join the Society? Annual membership of £25 (individual) or £45 (joint) gives access to all talks in the season and the opportunity to participate in private visits and attend the Spring Lunch. To join, contact Jennie Westerman on 01937 572714 or download the membership form on the Society’s website, You can also join at any meeting.

TV antiques expert shares her knowledge at the Linton Antique Society

Caroline Hawley who runs a successful antiques and art auction firm in Beverley also appears regularly on TV antiques programmes such as Bargain Hunt and Flog It! She has been involved with antiques since she was 20 and will share her extensive knowledge of the market at 7.30pm on 11 October at Linton Memorial Hall. She will disclose what’s ‘hot ‘and what’s not in today’s antiques world, give some valuations and reveal what goes on behind-the-scenes on her antiques programmes.
Details are on the Society’s website
All this, plus the opportunity to take part in private visits and attend the Spring Lunch, is yours for the annual membership of £25 (individual) or £45 (joint). To join, contact Jennie Westerman on 01937 572714 or download the membership form on the Society’s website. You can also join on the opening night. Entrance to individual talks is £7 for non-members.
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Linton Antique Society Press Release 2018-19 Season

Fabergé Rosebud Egg, 1895 

The Society’s new programme at Linton Memorial Hall kicks off on 11 October with an up-to-the-minute assessment of the antiques market from auctioneer and TV antiques expert (Bargain Hunt, Flog It!) Caroline Hawley, who will also give some valuations. Later in the season, you’ll hear about the work of jeweller Carl Fabergé and the less well-known Art Nouveau designer Archibald Knox, see how artists responded to the Industrial Revolution and how fashion has both defined and reflected women’s status over the last 150 years, gain insights into Rococo silver and its collectors, and, at the December event, meet the incarnation of Brodsworth Hall’s Victorian butler!

Details are on the Society’s website

All this, plus the opportunity to come on private visits to Markenfield Hall and Hutton-in-the-Forest, and attend the Spring Lunch, is yours for the annual membership of £25 (individual) or £45 (joint). To join, contact Jennie Westerman on 01937 572714 or download the membership form on the Society’s website. You can also join on the opening night or subsequent meetings.

Entrance to individual talks is £7 for non-members.

Linton Village Society AGM – 22nd May 2018 – Minutes



22nd MAY 2018

Apologies: Kevin Downie,  Ian Gilmore

  1. Minutes of last AGM approved

  1. A public hearing will be held on 5th June 2018 regarding the proposed Kebbell development on the Ridge site. The Chairman stated that village residents were encouraged to attend on the first day. Refreshments would be provided at the Windmill Inn prior to the meeting and transport would be made available for those who required it to the Leeds City Hall where the public hearing would be held.

  1. A defibrillator has been installed at the Village Hall and twelve people have attended a tutorial in order to be able to use it.

  1. Councillor Ryan Stephenson was introduced having been recently re elected. Ryan has been in post for two years and the LVS AGM that year was his first appearance. Ryan touched on the bridge closure and its grand re opening. Ryan also said that the Linton Neighbourhood Plan is viewed as a good plan of reference for other villages. A 20 mile per hour speed limit will be introduced in Linton and is likely to be in place this year. Stockeld Park development has been a concern due to the approval having been given by North Yorkshire County Council whilst the impact on Wetherby in West Yorkshire is likely to be significant. Ryan stated that both councils have a duty to co operate and work together in such circumstances. Wetherby have an active residents group so Ryan will put them in touch with Linton & Collingham as it could have a knock on effect regarding traffic etc from this large development. A decision regarding the proposed development has been deferred at present. Harewood Councillors are opposing the application due the adverse effect that providing extra services and increased traffic to the Wetherby area.

  1. With regards to the Kebbell proposed Ridge site development, Muddy Lane’s right of way is pivotal to any application. A question was raised as to whether the law of passing on ‘right of way’ to future landowners was legal. Will legal argument site visit include Muddy Lane? Ryan agreed to speak to Mr Copel (Barrister) on behalf of Leeds City Council (LCC). The LCC’s argument is that the Kebbell application is premature as LCC now have a site allocation plan due to be passed by September 2018.

  1. Some monies have been allocated to various projects around the village (Village green project and Village tree planting project). The LNP accounts have now been closed and remaining funds transferred back to the LVS account (as this money was originally donated by LVS for the plan).

  1. Ashley Guise (Chairman), Geoff Wilkinson, Tony Riall (Treasurer), Kevin Downie were re elected. Richard Bolton was elected as a new member. Jenny Guise, Adele Sheridan and Jill Bolton have all stepped down. Any other residents who wished to join the LVS committee would be very welcome.

  1. AOB – The Village Green project has now been completed and is viewed as a welcome improvement to the village. Many thanks to all those involved.

Meeting closed.

Public hearing

Ridge Meadows Planning Appeal

Notes from Final Submissions

The main points covered in the lengthy summing up documents are itemised below.

Note latest update is the decision is likely to be at the end of 2018, however Linton Village Society will keep you updated


Ashley Guise


Kebbell’s stance

Leeds City Council’s stance

Spatial Policy and Core Strategy

No up to date Plan, no Site Allocations Plan, 600 houses have to be built in villages.

Weight should be given to Core Strategy, proposals. This application is contrary to overall aims.

Safeguarded land

Policy N34 from the UDP has expired in 2016 therefore site should be developed.

N34 not time constrained.


Flexibility has to be applied to standards – this is a rural setting. There are no potential sites in Linton that meet the standards.

Deficiencies in footways etc go way beyond what could be considered as applying a flexible approach. This is the least sustainable safe guarded site in Leeds.

Affordable Housing

Leeds delivery is a disaster. This is the only possible site in Linton for delivering affordable housing.

For last three years Leeds has been reducing the back log. Leeds is performing exceptionally well at a national level.

Linton Neighbourhood Plan

This is exactly what the Government does not want from Neighbourhood Plans.

The proposals are contrary to the Policies of the Neighbourhood Plan being more than 10 dwellings and outside the built area.

5 year land supply

Leeds cannot demonstrate a 5 year land supply. We think 1.5 years less than Leeds (2.88 years)

Calculation is very robust at 4.38 years.

Policies are promoting development in inner city. 30,000 dwellings from brown field register will shortly be given planning permission. Under supply is short lived.


New footway will be provided from the Memorial Hall to the footpath that leads across the Golf Course. New bus stop in the vicinity of the Memorial Hall. New surfacing to Stammergate Lane

Thanks very much – these requirements confirm the site is unsustainable as it stands – plans should have been included at the outset – these needs are clear in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Wentworth Woodhouse: a chequered history

Prospects for the survival of Wentworth Woodhouse now seem more secure than they have been for many years. Built from the proceeds of coal mining and reputed to have the longest country house facade in Europe, Wentworth Woodhouse is of considerable architectural importance but has struggled to survive since the imposition of open cast mining within yards of the house, seen as an act of class-war, in 1946 by the post-war Labour government.
Architectural historian David Winpenny charts the history of this extraordinary building and the stories of the families who lived there at Linton Antique Society’s meeting on 8 March at 8.00pm which takes place at Linton Memorial Hall. Entrance £7 for non-members. Members, free. For more information visit the Society’s website
Next talk: 12 April 2018, 7.30 pm (postponed from 8 February) The Model Wife: Women in Pre-Raphaelite Art with Dr Suzanne Fagence Cooper

Download the March newsletter

Pre-Raphaelite women at the Linton Antique Society

On 8 February at 8.00 pm in Linton Memorial Hall, Suzanne Fagence Cooper, art historian and author of The Model Wife: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, Ruskin and Millais, reveals the vital part women played in the lives of the Pre-Raphaelite group of artists: the tragic Elizabeth Siddall, artist, model and wife of Rossetti; Effie Gray, Millais’ wife and model; and the ‘stunner’ Jane Morris, wife of William and Rossetti’s model and lover.

To read more about this meeting download the leaflet by clicking on the image below

LCC refuses the Ridge Meadows plans

Good News!

LVS and several Linton residents were present at the Plans Panel on 21st December to hear Leeds City Council’s reasons for refusal of The Ridge Meadows plans.

There was a unanimous vote from Councillors to defend Leeds City Council’s refusal at a Public Enquiry to be held later this year (we believe the Public Enquiry may be held around May time).

The latest, duplicate, planning application lodged by Kebbell is being held in abeyance and will be subject to the same reasons for refusal.

The 4 main reasons Leeds City Council have cited in the refusal are:

  1. It is contrary to Leeds’ development strategy of locating new developments within Urban areas and Major Settlements. Linton village is not considered suitable for development of any scale.

  2. The location of the development is an unsustainable, remote location and does not meet Leeds City Council’s accessibility standards as there are no local services such as schools, shops, health care etc.

  3. The land itself is safeguarded as “Protected Area of Search” which means it cannot be developed on before 2028.

  4. The plans are considered to be “premature” to the Site Allocations Process which is has already begun.

For the full Council report with all the technical details for the refusal, click here

Once again, thank you all for your support in fighting this unwanted development, the way the village has come together over this issue has certainly impressed Leeds City Council and let them know that their decision to refuse is being very well received and supported.

LVS will continue to work closely with Leeds City Council in the coming months to prepare fully for the Public Enquiry.

Linton Neighbourhood Plan

The Kebbell Homes vs Leeds City Council appeal hearing at the Supreme court in London took place on 29th and 30th November.

We expect a decision from the Supreme Court in the next few weeks and will update you as soon as the court’s decision is known.


Linton Village Society

Linton Village ‘Drop in’ Coffee Mornings at the Windmill Inn at 11 am

Dates for 2018

The ‘drop-in’ coffee mornings have been a great success during 2017 and have given everyone an opportunity to catch up with friends and also meet new neighbours.

They are held on third Thursday of each month (except for December), and the dates for 2018 are as follows:

18th January

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