Village Society

Linton Village Society was formed some 45 years ago with the aim of preserving the environment of the village of Linton.

Membership of the Society is open to all residents over 18 years of age.  Members shall support and assist with the work of the Society.

The Society has a management committee which comprises of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer plus a minimum of two additional members.  The Committee has a quorum of three members and members of the Committee serve for one year.

The Annual general meeting (AGM) is held in Spring and at least 14 days notice is provided.  Five members of the society constitute a quorum for the AGM.

Subscriptions are determined annually at the Society AGM and are currently £30 per household per annum.  Any member more than two years in arrears is deemed to have resigned from the Society.  The Society accounts are submitted to the AGM each year.

In the past the Society has been involved in a number of issues related to the aims of the Society, including:

  • Planning issues – objections and appeals and meetings with developers;
  • Traffic issues – related to speed and volume;
  • Highways issues – related to road repairs and liaison with the responsible authorities;
  • Noise and pollution issues – related to the A1 upgrade;
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Liaising with the Parish Council – the Parish Plan, Village Design Statement, Neighbourhood Plan; and
  • Liaison and assistance to and from Ward Councillors and MP.

LVS Newsletters: