Cinema comes to Linton Village

Premiere Night in Linton
Don’t miss the first Linton Village Cinema event!
‘Farewell to Arms’
on Thurdsay, 18th January at Linton Memorial Hall Cinema
Please note the new time of 3.30 pm start
See poster below
We now have the opportunity to use the new ‘pop-up’ cinema
equipment which has been purchased by the
Collingham and Linton Remembers WW1 Committee
This is a great asset to our village and is a facility that the Linton Village
Fundraisers will look to use over the coming years.
So if you have a free space in your diary next Thursday, 18th January,
do come to our first village cinema event
Tea and cakes will be served at 3.30pm with the film starting at 4pm

A formidable Frenchwoman at the Linton Antique Society – Linton Antique Society March 2016

The illegitimate daughter of a financier exiled for fraud, the mistress of King Louis XV for 21 years, which gave her huge political influence, Madame de Pompadour spent fortunes on the decorative arts and was responsible for the development of the porcelain manufactory at Sèvres, which became one of the most famous in Europe. On 10th March at 8.00pm at Linton Memorial Hall, Nicholas Merchant will tell the fascinating story of this remarkable woman and her legacy.

The guest speaker at Linton Antique Society’s Annual Lunch on 17 March at Wetherby Golf Club is TV antiques expert James Lewis, who regularly appears on Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip. Open to all, the event costs £25.

Further details on or by phoning 01937 589020.

Next Meeting and AGM: 14 April, 7.30pm. The Rise and Fall of Georgian York with Julia Mander. Note change of speaker.

A copy of the press release may be downloaded here.

Collingham & Linton Wood Rescue

Collingham & Linton volunteer project is one of the first to get the backing of Tesco’s Bags of Help Scheme

Collingham and Linton are fortunate to have a valuable wooded recreation area beside the River Wharfe, regularly frequented by walkers, picnickers and anglers. In recent years, this has become very overgrown, with trees falling regularly and blocking the paths and Beck.  The flooding on 26 December 2015 has also caused serious damage to the river bank.

The area is owned by the Parish Council and we have embarked on a project to tidy the wood to make it a more pleasant area to walk in and to preserve the existing trees. Our aim is to clear the major debris to make the area safe and pleasant to walk in and to remove any dead and dying trees, while improving the health of the remaining ones.  Removing ivy from the floor of the wood and from some of the trees will ensure that light gets into the wood and encourages the growth of flora and natural seeding of broad-leaved trees.  We also intend to repair the steps up to the wood from the river and install bat boxes and an owl box in the larger trees.

The project got underway last month with a successful volunteer session, when we removed large amounts of litter and fallen branches from the area near the car park but there is still a long way to go.  We have organised three more afternoon sessions on the 21st February, 20th March and 17th April, from 1.00pm to 4.00pm and are also arranging professional help and advice for the tree-felling and more major works. Leeds City Council is supporting this project by providing valuable help and advice.

We have heard this week that we have been successful in obtaining a Tesco Bags of Help grant for at least £8,000 towards the costs of the project.

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help initiative across hundreds of regions in England and Wales. The scheme will see three community groups and projects in each region awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s 390 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the five pence charge levied on single-use carrier bags. For more information about Bags of Help, go to

Our grant could be increased to either £10,000 or £12,000, depending on the vote that will take place in Tesco stores from 27th February to the 6th March. So please vote for our scheme if you are in Tesco during that period and if you could join us for the volunteer sessions you would be very welcome (chocolate is provided!). Please register your interest by e-mailing

We feel that improving this area is even more important now, in view of the devastation caused by the flooding in that area and the loss of the Beach.

The illustrated notice may be viewed here.

Fund raising events

History Wardrobe Ladies Lunch

What an afternoon of fun and laughter was had by all on Friday 5th February at Linton Memorial Hall.  Lucy Adlington’s ‘Fab and Groovy’ presentation went down a storm as we all reminisced about the bygone days of our youth.

Thanks to your kind generosity we raised the grand sum of over £2,500 which will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Trust.

Raising money was never so much fun.  Thank you so much for your continued support.

The Linton Village Fundraisers next event

St George’s Day Party on Saturday 23rd April from 7.30pm in Linton Memorial Hall.

For full details please see the flyer – Side 1 and Side 2.

Fakes and Forgeries at the Linton Antique Society – February 2016

A constant problem for antique dealers and auctioneers is how to determine whether the goods they sell are authentic. Robert Soper, in his 30 years in the antiques trade, often dealt with such issues and the identification of items that were ‘not quite right’. A specialist in Chinese Porcelain and Early English watercolours, his talk at Linton Memorial Hall on Thursday 11 February at 8.00pm will cover Chinese monochromes, false marks on porcelain, verifying watercolours and the problem of furniture, where faking takes place on an industrial scale. He will also reminisce about the Harrogate forger Gordon Wright.

Entrance is free to Linton Antique Society members but non-members are also welcome: entrance is £5.00 on the door.

Contact Mrs Barbara Hepburn on 01937 582243 to join or download the form on the Society’s website:

Next talk: 10 March 2016, 8.00pm: Madame de Pompadour and Sèvres Porcelain with Nicolas Merchant.

A copy of the press release may be downloaded here.

TV antiques expert to be guest speaker at Linton Antiques Society Annual Lunch

TV antiques expert to be guest speaker at Annual Lunch

The guest speaker at Linton Antique Society’s Annual Lunch on Thursday 17 March will be James Lewis, who regularly appears on TV programmes such as Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip. James, a former Auctioneer of the Year, is head of Bamfords, the Derby firm of auctioneers and valuers, and specialises in furniture, sculpture and pictures. He has organised many country house and estate sales.

The event, to be held at Wetherby Golf Club, starts at 10.30am, with James speaking about his work and, if time permits, giving valuations, and closes with a three-course lunch. It costs £25 a head and is open to all; further information and a downloadable booking form is available on the Society’s website at

A copy of the press release may be downloaded here.

Local Flooding – a letter from Collingham with Linton Parish Council

The following communication has been sent out by Julian Holmes to residents of Collingham, and he has asked that this also be sent to Linton residents. This has been emailed to Linton residents using the Neighbourhood Plan email list – if you know of residents without email or who may not have provided their email to us please distribute the message to them.

I hope most of you already know that The Avenue Collingham has suffered a serious flooding episode. Around 12 houses have been inundated with in places several feet of water. All day yesterday and into the night residents have been evacuating belongings and with the help of a volunteer from Pontefract who had access to 4 pumps we have been slowly trying to remove water which is trapped inside the flood defence bund that was over topped.

This afternoon we finally got support from the Emergency Services and we have two fire tenders pumping at full blast. They will stay until the water has gone unless they are called away to attend a life threatening incident. We also have an agricultural pump which should be up and running now. As you can imagine the flooded properties will be in a terrible state. Environmental Services have arranged skips to take damaged belongings away from tomorrow. This really is a disaster for the families affected.

Also in the same vicinity Linton Bridge has had to be closed. Engineering assessment has started today. There appears to be downward movement in the southern bridge abutment (the structure that holds up the bridge where it meets the road embankment). This is unusual as things normally fail in rotation, i.e. by twisting in some plane. We think the bridge is still moving, and regular surveys will confirm whether this is the case. We can only hypothesise at this time as to the cause and further investigation will include divers when it is considered safe to enter the water. 

The Bridge is not safe to cross even on foot. Please respect the warning tape and do not attempt to cross it. The gas, water and electricity services to Linton all cross the bridge also and are presumably under a great deal of distress.

The bridge will be closed for many months. It may be opened up to pedestrians if deemed safe to do so at some point. This is obviously a great inconvenience to us all but at least nobody has been hurt.

Please feel free to share this information with others around the villages.

Best regards

Julian Holmes

Chair of Collingham with Linton Parish Council

Christmas Fayre 2015

To all those who supported the village Christmas Fayre by attending and/or contributing in various ways we would like to say a big thank you. We hope that the Fayre will become a much enjoyed tradition and it is only with your support that this can happen.

With your help we managed to raise over £1200 which is being used to upgrade the entrance to the village hall.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Linton Village Fundraisers.

PS look out for information about our ladies lunch on Friday February 5th when we will be hosting a fun afternoon with Lucy Adlington’s History Wardrobe; a blast from the past of 60’s and 70’s fashion.

A resounding ‘Yes’ Vote for the Linton Plan

An Amazing Result!

Here are the results of the Referendum for the Linton Neighbourhood Plan held on Thursday 17th December:

  • 95.97% (262 votes) voted in favour of the Plan; and
  • 4.03% (11 votes) voted against the Plan.

The turnout was 48.32%. This is substantially over the national average for Neighbourhood Plans both for turnout and votes in favour of the Plan.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported this process.

A very Happy Christmas to you and your families.

The LNP Drafting Committee

Linton Antique Society – January 2016 Event

The emotional torment of Charles Dickens revealed at the Linton Antique Society

Author and historian Suzanne Fagence Cooper has studied and written extensively about the role of women in Victorian culture. She looks into the heart of Dickens at Linton Memorial Hall on 14 January 2016 at 8.00pm, when she explores the tension between the world-famous author’s public persona as champion of the family and socially disadvantaged and his infatuation with a young actress, which led to him abandoning his wife and living in a secret liaison.

Entrance is free to Society members but non-members are also welcome: entrance is £5.00 on the door. Contact Mrs Barbara Hepburn on 01937 582243 to join or download the form on the Society’s website

Download the illustrated notice for this event here.

Next talk: 11 February 2016, 8.00pm: Fakes and Forgeries in the World of Antiques with Robert Soper